Gift card La vien en Rose

Recently I was asked to design a Gift card for corporate businesses,  not a standard one for cosmetics, bags, apparell, accessories, all the type of the businesses we, designers were used to be asked to design for, but for the Senior care & Palliative care. I felt this project is a very special one , and very special moment for me, too. Even felt touched and honoured to be asked to get it done. Suddenly I’ve found myself thinking, what I would love to see being at elderly age, what would impress me, what would please me, or what would ease my pain, if age would have put some burden on me. And I realized, no pretty pretty girlish faces nor standard Stock images would serve this case.

Gift card with feminine flowers by Inga Design

Detail of Gift card. Hand drawn – illustrated Gift card

The only solution to be right, looked like this – to draw it myself, to get it done starting from the pencil work. The more I have been drawing, the more closer I have sensed, got to the sense what sort of scenery would help ease the pain and the sorrow. And I got the vision of pretty, early days of early childhood, sublime mildness and a la “La Vie en rose”. Was so sure, that this vison of “La Vie en rose” would heal me at the age of eighty and more, that I instantly started to work over it. And here it is. And my question here goes like the following: Do you think the visuals of the card are healing? Can it heal or it is only my own asumption?