Speak peek into the sketchbook

Every one knows sketchbooks are essential for illustrators, graphic artists, watercolourists, just name, they are essential tool for every one holding pen or pencil. Here is a sneak peek into one of my Sketchbooks. Sketchbook usually marks the start of my day, especially in winters when days are short and gloomy and it is almost impossible to sketch anything in afternoon.  Inga Design sketchbooks. Sneak peek into the sketchbook.

Crocodiles in illustration

Baby crocodile face illustration

Crocodiles, or whatsover, called, aligators in illustration itself or in Conceptual illustration are always drawn to depict some drama or conflict, but what about crocodiles as a messangers of emotional status, for example, to express narcissisme in social media, to say: look, look at me, I am so beautiful, please, please LIKE ME. Haven’t you caught someone close in a family or even a yourself, trying to count a LIKES you have on Instagram, on FACEBOOK, haven’t you caught yourself evaluating your day by LIKES you gather. Think about it. Do we live and breathe with outter appreciation or do we feel independant enough to go through the day and its errands without counting LIKES. ++IMG_4048++IMG_4076B++IMG_4007IMG_4076